Make the snap-on steel strap seal 16 mm

Make the snap-on steel strap seal 16 mm

The steel-strapping clip-machine can make the snap-on steel seal

both by automatic style machine and semi- style machine

Speed: 90 pieces/minute    ( which can be faster by adjusting the machine belt wheel)                                                 

products size -13 mm- snap-one seal making machine

Material: steel coil gavanized

Video clip >>> steel-strapping clip-machine video

Specification >>> down load specification of steel-strapping clip-machine

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Expert on the machines for manufacturing steel strapping seals and clips

We offer the solution for manufacturing all the steel strapping seals of all types
Our automtaic machine can producesteel strapping seals as below:
Steel Strapping Seal 12mm, 16 mm and 19 mm Snap On
The seals are designed for standard steel strapping and maintain tension.
This is the most popular seal for Steel Strapping and is used in most strapping applications.
Tools required are a strapping tensioner and strapping sealer.

We also provdie machines for making such pusher seals"
Pusher Seals are used where the Steel Strapping is tensioned
by butting the nose of the tensioner against the seal.
They must be threaded before the tension tool is applied,
and can take stronger tension. Overlapping flanges withstand the higher stress.
They are a popular seal for round packages and heavy duty applications.

Our machine can manufacture
Standard Duty - Push On
The overlapping flange feature provides the required strength
as the tensioner pushes against the edge of the sea




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