Afer-service how to change the molds of strap clip machine for other size

Change mold

We provide online after service for the strapping clip-machine

The machine is made with high quality steel material and very solid
and stable in production which can last as long as more than ten years


Step one



If you have a good and experienced technician who takes care of the machine
so there is little problem occur during daily production

But there are some points which we have to pay attention to



Step two



It is recommended that one machine to produce one size of PET strapping
seal for a long period of time but if you need to change the mold very ofter
due to market changing or customer's new demand so we strongly
to suggest that you change the mold under the instructions of engineer
on line by video communication which need one or two hours usually

Please watch more video in the youtube at " How to change mold

for pet-strapping clip-machine"

( see " how to change molds ")


Step three



( see " how to change molds ")

PLease register yourself at the Chinese social media web site Wechat

and our engineer can provide service on line for you.


Step four





The PP plastic strapping clips for manual packaging are manufactured in many Asian counntries




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