The steel coils used for making PP strapping clip 19 mm with serrated inner points

Steel coils for PP strap clip 19 mm- machine

Some customers prefer completely turn-key plan for the production of strapping seals

with machine+ steel coil materials= production after arrival and installing ( in one hour time)


We offer the solution for the requirement

we provide you with any sizes of steel coils after slitting from big rolls from steel mills



steel coils slit with 100 kg/per coils


Poly Strapping Metal Seals,


the steel coil size is usually 26-28 x 0.5-0.7 mm/100 kg /per coil


galvanized strapping seals,


it is depending on customer's requirement and we will slit for what

ever size you need


Plastic Strapping Seals,


we shipping the steel coils to many countries in South America


poly strapping seals,


we ship steel coils to mexcio, Guatemala,ecuador, paraguay,etc


poly strapping metal seals open 12,


But also shipping to indonesia, Algeria, some Asian countries


poly strapping clips,


PP  strap clips

Steel Strapping, Poly Strapping, Polyseter Strapping , PP  Packaging have seals available for evry purpose. 
Strap clips offer a simple, quick and convenient way to tighten strapping.
They are used for strapping boxes to bundle them together during storage 
and transportation.
PP STRAPPING SEALS · For use with manual strapping tools. · 
Ideal for heavy duty applications with poly strapping.
there are many type of  PP strapping seals which used together 
manual strapping tools.