How to add oil for the machine of strapping buckle 32 x 8 mm

How to add oil for the machine of strapping buckle 32 x 8 mm




Every day duing the productioin of the strapping buckle 32 x 7 mm

the worker should add oil to the machine

here is the video of guidence of how to add oil on each point of the machine



Composite Strapping buckles Machine

Cordstrap composite strapping, known as 
synthetic steel, is the latest advancement 
in strapping technology. Constructed from 
high tenacity polyester yarns embedded 
in a polymer coating, strapping is available 
in a wide variety of widths and strengths.
The cord tensioner for all types of Cordstrap,
 GatorStrap, composite and woven strapping.
 The powerful gripping mechanism holds 
and releases strap with a vertical motion, 
providing increased holding power and reduced wear.
the buckles are very important in the connection between
the woven straps and bear the maxim pulling strength
we have mechanicall machine for making strapping buckle witi
fast speed and have hydraulic machine for making all sizes of 
buckles in a normal speed.
Steel Strapping, Poly Strapping, Polyseter Strapping ,
 PP  Packaging have seals available for evry purpose. 
Strap clips offer a simple, quick and convenient way to tighten strapping.
They are used for strapping boxes to bundle them together during storage 
and transportation.






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If you want to know about the steel wire which is used in the machine please click the link below for more information


Customer inquired the steel wire 


steel wire used in the machine