Art-No 01 Special PP strap tensioner and sealer

Art-No 01 Special PP strap tensioner and sealer

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Art-No 01 Special PP strap tensioner and sealer

special PP strapping tool for new and recyle material PP strap



This is the best " Killer" for tesnioning and cutting of pp straps

made from recyckled PP materials because it is very fragile

and easily broken apart after cutting ( by a non special tool)

Please check the problem you might have had in your straping

that the cutting of strap is not clean and broken apart


and even worse:


But since you have our tools the cutting problem is resolved!




We accept each order of 50 sets -100 sets PP strap tools because

we have to ship them to the sea port where we will

put them aboard the ship for the cheapest way of

shipping your tools



We provide spare parts for the toos so your customer can

use the tools nearly " for ever" because the main structure

of the tool is very solid and only few parts like cutter or

teeth plate which need change after long term use.

By doing so you will get more and more loyal customers


we provide the video on how to change the parts


Change the seat of the cutter of PP tensioner


Like new tool again after changing parts of PP tesnsioner



More one the video of how to change the parts





We also provide printed stickers for customer and printed

manual put inside of the box for better marketing